Solid Waste Management

Health Department, Municipal Corporation Phagwara

Municipal Corporation Phagwara’s health department is trying to give the best mechanism of sanitation and cleanliness for the Compliance of various provisions and sections of Punjab Municipal Corporation Act. It has created a separate Sanitation wing under the name of health department which provides all the sanitation facilities under the one roof.

Municipal Corporation Phagwara have two Chief Sanitary Inspectors, Two Sanitary Inspectors, five Supervisors, 215 Sweepers (Regular) and 74 Sweepers (On contract) are doing there duties to keep the Phagwara city neat and clean.

Municipal Corporation Phagwara has falled under the Jalandhar Cluster which has given the solid waste management contract (for garbage collection, transportations disposal) the next 25 years. The contract of Jalandhar cluster has been allotted to the JITF Urban Waste Management (Jalandhar) company. In this contract, the company will lift off all the garbage from the secondary points to final disposal. There are  28 secondary points in the City which have been lifted daily by the mechanical way. There are two Compactors, one big Tipper, eight big dustbins and 68 small dustbins using to collect the garbage from the secondary points. All the dustbins and another machinery which are using for garbage lifting are covered. Municipal Corporation phagwara is in the process to making all the secondary points covered with wall which will make the secondary points a good look in near future

The Municipal Corporation Phagwara sweepers are working in two shifts under there concerned zone to provide the best sanitation facilities under its supervisory staff to the public of Phagwara. These sweepers have been provided 75 news rickshaws and 130 wheel barrows for collecting the garbage door to door from the shops and households of city. The regular cleaning of all roads, berms and parks are also being done in a time bound manner. In Municipal Corporation Phagwara, it has a separate online complaint cell in which the complaints receiving regarding sanitation have been solved within 24 hours. All the complaints regarding sanitation, if received, are disposed off in a time bound manner. The toilets in the markets are also regularly cleaned by sanitation staff of municipal corporation phagwara. During monsoon season the MCP also regularly constitutes special teams for cleaning of kerb channels, especially drains in colonies within MC limits.

Municipal corporation Phagwara is responsible for proper collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste to implement the solid waste management and handling rules 2000. For this, Municipal Corporation Phagwara has taken all the necessary permissions from the concerned authority time to time. The final disposal site of solid waste has situated at Hargobingarh (Bhogpur) where scientifically methods have been adopted to dispose off solid waste. For this, two JCB machines, two Tractor/Trollies and other machineries are working for levelling the solid waste round the clock. In order to reduce foul smell  from the dumping ground, herbal sanitizer spray, fogging spray and manual spray are being done regularly. The layer of soil has also spread on the solid waste as per required.

The Municipal Corporation Phagwara has also started the campaign  regarding “Clean and Green Phagwara”  in which Safai Abhyaan in different Wards of Municipal corporation, Art, Quiz, Debate Competitions in Children, Nukad meetings, meetings with public under Swatch Bharat Mission.

To controls the menace of insects born disease, the Health department of MC Phagwara has a separate wing for fogging in the city. In this wing, two big foggings machines, three potable machines, eight handpump manual machines etc are using to control the mosquito born diseases.

The Municipal Corporation Phagwara is trying to provide the best sanitation  facilities  to the public, living in phagwara with their co-operation, adopting the Scientific, technical methods with its manual power.  



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